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Check out my rave reviews from parents and students alike!


Teri S.

"Eric has been teaching our daughter piano for the past six years. Always age-appropriate, he's covered reading music, classical and pop repertoire, mastering rhythm and musicality, and developing her technique, as well as music theory.  Eric is a natural, kind and joyful teacher who celebrates his students' genuine accomplishments while also emphasizing practice and discipline. Without prompting, our daughter now sits down at the piano every day to practice and master the pieces she has been working on, and genuinely enjoys playing. What more could we ask?"

Sue M.

"We have two daughters and I come from a musical family (my grandfather was a well-known tenor).  Eric has been teaching our older daughter for 1.5 years. She had just turned three when we started. Eric understands the delicate art of introducing very young children to playing the piano, and fostering their interest and joy in learning. He knows how to strike a balance between following a method that is grounded in sound didactics and making it a fun activity at the same time.  Eric is thoughtful, kind, patient, and always in a good mood - he is a gem and yours to miss."

Jacob B.

"Eric Hunter has been a wonderful piano teacher for our children for over seven years. From their very beginning stages throughout their development as musicians, Eric selects appropriately challenging repertoire, provides expert instruction, and encourages and supports them in their successes and inevitable struggles. On top of that, he is a wonderfully talented pianist and composer in his own right, and inspires the children with his own abilities. We feel very fortunate to have found him to teach our children."

Christina B.

"Eric Hunter has been a wonderful piano instructor for both my son and daughter the last four years. He manages to provide serious piano instruction while having fun with them and remaining relatable. Eric understands how to motivate his students to practice and strikes the right balance between setting expectations high while staying positive when challenges come along. 

"He has established a special tradition at the completion of his students' recitals- all of the performers write down compliments for one another so that each goes home with a pile of 'compliment cards.' This is just one example of the many unique ways that Eric has created a sense of community amongst his piano pupils."

Elissa D.

"In five months, Eric has given my daughter, who is  nine, two gifts: a love of playing piano, and the skills to play.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, warmth, patience and high expectations of Olivia have led to a kid who practices without being nagged and enjoys learning. He is a great combination of firm and assured and creative and flexible in his teaching. He reads Olivia's moods and interests in a way that works well for her. It doesn't hurt that he is a talented pianist himself. We are fortunate to count Eric as her teacher and look forward to years of lessons to come."

Chandrima P.

"Our daughter started lessons with Eric 3 years ago when she was 5 years old. We had concerns about beginning with Zoom lessons during COVID, but it worked seamlessly. Eric is one of the best teachers we have come across. We love how patient and gentle he is with his students, and when needed he is able to discipline them as well without raising his voice. His passion for his work really comes through his teaching. He is constantly thinking of ways to enhance his lessons - through sharing tips with parents, looking for different platforms for students to perform, coming up with strategies to encourage the students to practice. As a person, Eric is a gem. Over the last 3 years we have come to know him and his family. While he is our daughter’s teacher, he has become a good friend to us."

Kamini S.

"Eric is a talented pianist filled with patience and encouragement. He sets an example for his students by practicing, composing, and performing his pieces for solo recitals and creating his musical tracks found online, all requiring grit, determination, and focus. In addition, he sets a personal teaching style for each child. For my younger ones, he is creative and approaches teaching in a playful yet measured way, improving the kids’ grasp of new pieces after each lesson. This approach lends to natural daily practices and grows their desire to build consistently. He encourages kids to reach their creative potential. Eric is part of a larger music community he graciously invites us to participate in. We are grateful for the gift of music Eric has brought to our home."


Amanda Steckler, AKA "Blonde Maze"

"Eric is the best piano instructor I could've asked for. Aside from him being an extremely talented and knowledgeable musician, he's patient and encouraging. He gets to know what skills you are looking to develop/improve and works on a personalized plan to help you progress. My piano skills are so much better than they were 7 months ago when I just started taking lessons with him."

"My time studying with Eric has been a gift. His knowledge, dedication, and deep musicianship have completely transformed me as a player. Being rooted in psychology and meditation, Eric's teaching encompasses so much more than playing. Among other things, he has helped alleviate my performance anxiety, helped me better understand my own musical goals and motivations, and even helped me better understand my own emotional wellbeing—all of which has in turn made me a better piano teacher to my own students.


"Eric is compassionate, soulful, and sharp. He is an extraordinarily capable teacher who can help your musicianship as well as your whole person."

Shivani S.

“Eric started teaching me in 10th grade, and the way I learned the piano dramatically switched. Playing the piano was no longer about playing notes from sheet music; but about conveying emotion. I learned that I could make music on my own, using the piano as a mechanism to clear my mind and influence my emotions. Eric’s techniques allowed me to find meaning and passion every time I sat in front of the keys.”

Helen F.

"Eric taught me and both of my children, and I had the opportunity to see his successes with other children at recitals. All his students don't just like him - they adore him, and it is well-earned. He is professional, structured, always encouraging and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor and intuitive sense of appropriate expectations. His dedication to learning his own repertoire has enabled him to easily solve students' technical problems and share the tools to become autodidactic. But ultimately his raison d'etre as a teacher is to develop in his students their greatest individual abilities to express their love for and understanding of music."

Aanya S.

"I think my piano teacher Eric is great because he teaches me new things everyday. He teaches me how to play the piano and the story behind each piece. One of my songs is called 'Impertinence' and he taught me it means lack of respect. Another one of my songs is 'Night of the Tarantella,' and he taught me that in Italy they used to do a jig when people get bit by a tarantula. He tells me quotes from other pianists and shows me music styles and plays songs that I didn't know anyone had the talent to play. 

"Eric knows everything about the piano. If I pressed a note on any key of the piano, he would know the note without looking. When he first plays a new song for me, I think it’s very hard. But after a bit, I know the song and think it’s pretty easy with the help of Eric. There is even a fun competition going on to help with practice. Each month, the person in the studio who practices the most gets a mini prize. At the end of a semester, the student would get a trophy, and at the end of the year, the person would get a big prize. 

"The best part of Eric is that he's not mean. He is funny. Sometimes to help me get work done, he takes stuffed animals and does funny voices to keep me focused. He also knows when I’m getting tired and lets me take little breaks. When he lets us take a break, he plays the song we are playing and tells us what to improve on. I don't even have to remember every single correction or advice he gives me because  he makes notes on his phone during each lesson. He then sends them to my parents, and we print it out to put on the piano. 

"We have recitals where we showcase all that we learned in the semester. Eric will never make you feel excluded because he tries to find a date that will work with everyone. He is very flexible. For practices, you can go to Eric’s house, he could come to your house, or you can even meet online. During covid, he would always find a way to get in touch with you and it was a perfect activity to get everyone up. He listens to you and is very patient. All in all, Eric is an amazing and great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play great music."

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