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In my private lessons, I work with students of all ages.  For kids who are just starting out, the first one to three years are focused on engagement, fun, and developing a solid foundation of piano technique and general musicianship.  This allows them to transition into the later stages where I am able to tailor the curriculum towards their personal interests as they mature and gain experience.  An intermediate-advanced student may find themselves, for example, playing advanced repertoire, arranging their own favorite songs by ear, and writing their own songs and compositions.  My diverse experiences as a musician and teacher allow me to help a student pursue the path that is most interesting and natural to them, be it that of a concert pianist, singer-songwriter, or electronic musician.


  • Relaxed arm weight technique (modern Russian school)

  • Listening and aural development

  • Dalcroze exercises for rhythm and solfege

  • Reading proficiency

  • Theory for complete musicianship

  • Introduction to diverse repertoire: folk songs, popular genres, classical

  • Focus on fun, exploration, and building relationships: both student-teacher, and with music in general.


With a solid foundation in place, my students have the confidence to follow wherever their musical interests lead them.

Intermediate Subjects

Intermediate Repertoire - Student’s choice of genre

Intro to Performance Psychology: Mindful awareness techniques to increase focus and conquer nerves

Intro to Improvisation

Intro to Arranging and Playing by Ear

Intro to Songwriting

Intro to Composition

Playing with other musicians

Advanced Subjects

Advanced Repertoire - Student’s choice of genre

Advanced Performance Psychology to maximize enjoyment and consistency

Advanced Improvisation and Jazz

Advanced Arrangement and Transcription

Advanced Songwriting and Recording, Publishing

Advanced Composition and Recording, Publishing

Advanced Ensemble Playing

Electronic Music Production


For adults 18 and up, following our initial consultation I will work with you to design a curriculum that accommodates your schedule and goals.  It can include elements from any of the offerings above, or other special requests you may have.  I am happy to be your musical guide, wherever your interests may lie.  If you are an adult student interested in lessons, please also see my special message for you here.

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