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Modern Technology for the Digital Age

I have been successfully teaching lessons online for a number of years now.  My setup includes a high-definition web camera, external microphone, and multi-screen arrangement so that the student can see both my whole body posture and a closeup overhead view of my hands.  Zoom screen-sharing technology allows me to view the student's music in PDF format and mark it up as if I was there.  I have even started new students from the youngest ages successfully this way.  Virtual lessons have many advantages, such as easier scheduling and the ability to have multiple check-in sessions during the week.

my studio.jpg

My Teaching Studio

  1. High-definition webcam

  2. External microphone for audio fidelity

  3. Professional-grade monitor speakers

  4. Headphones to minimize feedback

  5. Phone mount for piano overhead view.

  6. Yamaha digital piano

Zoom Performance Class with the Piano Pod

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